On-site Interactive Wayfinder

Interactive Wayfinder integrate interactive digital wayfinding maps with drill down information on shows, sessions, facility and city, through compelling rich media, 3D models, data driven content and a proven technology platform. Interactive Wayfinder is a visually appealing, intuitive and interactive Wayfinding solution that increases the productivity and event experience of the attendees to large events. The system can be implemented on online, on-site and mobile platforms with an integrated backend for the most comprehensive interactive GREEN event solution. This is implemented on a large touch screen.
The top screen unit is a large format screen with Digital Signage templates tapping into the same backend as the Wayfinder. This provides for captive audience for the users waiting in line for the Wayfinder and is also vital for supporting event messages and sponsors.
Interactive Wayfinder has been deemed as “the best interactive mapping technology available” and “the best, intuitive customer experience for an interactive wayfinding solution” by industry experts. The system has been implemented in over a hundred major events and some of the biggest facilities.

KIOSK Types:

interACT Station

interACT Station combines the power of the Interactive Wayfinder with phone Charging Station, custom Photobooth for the event, Travel and city guide, Exhibitor Digital Help Desk and Restaurant reservations in a sleek modern Classic Kiosk. High speed Internet connection is included as part of the unit.

Online Pre-show Planner

Typically deployed several weeks before the event, the online pre-show planner helps attendees, exhibitors, speakers and the organizer with several productivity tools and enhanced features. Exhibitors can preview and upload their eDocs (electronic documents) to be sent to attendees on request.

Mobile Planner

Provides all the functionality of the online planner on the mobile platform with compatibility with all browsers for today’s smart phone. The MyPlan feature, shared bookmarks, interactive maps and walking paths on tablets are vital to providing the key components for the attendee enhanced experience.

Native App Planner

The native app planner provides all the functionality of an online planner on an iPhone, iPad and Droid platform. The MyPlan feature, shared bookmarks, interactive maps and walking paths on tablets are vital to providing the key components for the attendee enhanced experience.

Organizer Marketing Tools

The Organizer portal is a comprehensive online tool to manage your event for event related data, real-time metrics on usage, Reports, email blasts & campaigns and Social media interface. Floor Plan management and Booth Sales are optional modules. Our Purchase portal enables the organizer to create and maintain a comprehensive portal to market and sell sponsorships and exhibitor services with the built-in ecommerce Paypal payment gateway. Sponsors and exhibitors are able to upload their assets directly online as a self-service.

Exhibitor Company Showcase

This interactive media showcase for the Exhibitor lets them add pictures, videos, company information, branding as a standalone interactive product for their Booth. This can also be integrated within the onsite Wayfinder. Micro-site and event specific native app are optional components.


Create the electronic version of the Passport / Scavenger hunt for Sponsors to increase traffic to their booth using their smart phones.

3D without glasses

WOW everyone with this amazing technology which renders 3D animations in front of the screen without the need for special glasses. Sponsor logo and medical animations are rendered with special effects to create an unforgettable experience.