Interactive Wayfinder Turnkey Implementation

Implementation includes data preparation, preview, equipment rental, integration , on-site install, on-site support and detailed analytics after the event. The integrated backend enables close to real-time updates across all our platforms.

Data Exchange

Data inputs can be spreadsheets, XML, Prism Web Services, Partner Web Services, online edits using the Organizer Portal, or using our Data Import Wizard. Data inputs include Exhibitors, Sessions, Papers, Abstracts, Schedule and User Registration. User bookmarks can also be shared between online, mobile, Apps and on-site implementations.

Map Services

3D models of facility can be customized for your event from out catalog of venues for Print, Online, Web, Apps and on-site. Interactive maps with walking paths are also available for all platforms.

Content Design & Development

Our team of talented creative and programming staffs, help create your vision to reality for 3D models & Animation, custom interactive applications, Rich Media Templates, Kiosk applications, Games and 3D without glasses content.

Native Apps Development

iPhone, iPad, Droid Apps can be developed for any specific applications. Our Apps can be synched with any database and can be very extensive in capabilities and features.

Games Design & Development

One of the growing trends is to engage users with games with friendly competition and social media integration. Our games demonstrate the careful design to achieve business objective while engaging the users.